How to Prevent Pipeline Damage

A common cause of pipeline damage is excavation activities conducted by persons not associated with the pipeline companies. Even minor digging activities such as installing a mailbox or a fence can cause damage to pipelines. Safe digging helps prevent this damage.

You can also help prevent pipeline damage by reporting suspicious activity, including possible unsafe excavation, near our pipelines by calling our 24-hour emergency number at 1-800-688-7594. Your report could prevent a pipeline emergency.

Call Before You Dig – It’s The Law

Calling 811 or visiting the website before every digging project is an easy and efficient way to get your underground utility lines marked for free and help prevent damage.

In addition, every state in the U.S. has established One-Call Centers. These centers take your information and through a clearing and communicating process with pipeline operators, determine whether underground utilities such as pipelines exist in the proposed area of digging.

Each state has different rules and regulations governing digging, some stricter than others. By calling 811 or visiting their website, you will be directly connected to your local One-Call Center.

After contacting 811 or the One-Call Center, locate crews from member utility companies will be dispatched to mark hidden underground utility lines.

If your project is near a Koch Pipeline-operated pipeline, we will come to your location and mark the pipeline’s location prior to your project. In some cases, we may remain on site until your digging is finished.

Recognize, React and Report

Know how to RECOGNIZE the signs of a pipeline leak or storage facility emergency, and where pipelines are located. REACT correctly by knowing what to do and what not to do in a pipeline emergency.  Know how to REPORT a pipeline leak, damage or suspicious activity near a pipeline or storage facility.

If you strike a KPL-operated pipeline while digging, it is important that you telephone us immediately at 1-800-688-7594. Even what appears to be minor damage, such as a dent or chipped pipeline coating, is important because it could lead to a future leak.

For mobile access to helpful pipeline safety information, download our free app.
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Respect the Pipeline Right-of-Way

Pipeline companies have leased, been granted, or purchased an area of land on both sides of their pipelines. This area of land is called the Right-Of-Way.

Respecting the Right-Of-Way maintains the safety of our pipeline neighbors and the pipeline. If you, as our neighbor, plant trees or place buildings on the Right-Of-Way, your actions may interfere with our access to the pipeline and our work to keep it safe through patrols, inspections and maintenance.

If you have questions about the pipeline Right-Of-Way in your neighborhood or if you are aware of projects planned on the Right-Of-Way, call our Right-Of-Way department at 1-800-624-4569.