Monitoring Safe Operations - Using satellite technology, Koch Pipeline continuously monitors thousands of miles of pipeline from its control center in Wichita, Kan.

Pipeline Safety Brochures

A key component of our safety commitment is our ongoing Public Awareness program, which includes mailing pipeline education and public safety brochures to neighbors who live or work near our pipeline systems.

Emergency Responders can request a printed brochure here.

Other brochures can be downloaded below or you can request a printed version here.


South Central and North Texas

Crude Oil system
Interconnect/Associated Refinery system
Refined Petroleum Product system

Port Arthur and Victoria Texas areas

Chemical system

Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin

Minnesota Pipe Line Company system (crude oil)
Wisconsin Pipeline system (refined petroleum products)
Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport system (refined petroleum products)
Wood River Pipe Line system (crude oil)