Operator of Choice - At Koch Pipeline, being successful means doing business in a way that makes us welcome in the communities we operate in today and in the communities we might operate in tomorrow.

Pipeline Awareness

In some areas, all that our neighbors see of a Koch Pipeline-operated pipeline is a right-of-way and signs (markers) showing the location of our pipeline. Where there are above ground facilities such as terminals and pump stations, Koch Pipeline may be a more visible part of the community. In each of our communities, and with each of the pipeline systems we operate, we strive for excellence in safety, compliance and environmental stewardship.

A key component of this safety commitment is our ongoing public awareness program.

As part of our public awareness program, we deliver pipeline education and public safety information to our pipeline neighbors. Brochures are mailed annually and describe how to prevent pipeline damage and how to recognize, report and respond to accidents if they occur. To download or request one of our Pipeline Safety Brochures, click here.

We also have programs to ensure that our pipeline systems operate efficiently and safely, and in compliance with applicable regulations as well as our own internal guidelines and procedures.

This approach includes training our employees so they have the knowledge they need to do their jobs safely and in a way that maintains pipeline system integrity.

In addition, we have processes in place to respond in the event of a pipeline emergency. We share these plans and Koch Pipeline emergency contact information with government response agencies near our pipelines.