About Koch Pipeline - Koch Pipeline employees have a vision for excellence and principles of operation that demand safe, environmentally responsible decisions and actions.

About Koch Pipeline Company

Based in Wichita, Kan., Koch Pipeline Company, L.P. is an indirect subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc.; one of the largest private companies in America.


Koch Pipeline Company’s Market-Based Management® business philosophy is the framework to achieve long-term success and create value. 

We support a culture that embraces the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees to drive results through Principled Entrepreneurship™. This means we combine a commitment to integrity and compliance with a focus on innovation to anticipate market changes to meet customers’ needs, while striving for operational excellence and enhancing the quality of life in communities where we operate.

Koch Pipeline employees find fulfillment in their work by fully developing their capabilities to produce results that create the greatest long-term value for customers, the company and society.

Creating Value

The essence of Market-Based Management is creating real, sustainable value for customers, communities and Koch companies. Value creation requires providing products and services that customers value while consuming fewer resources. This leaves more resources available to satisfy other needs in society.

We are part of a vital infrastructure that transports energy throughout the United States. Energy that keeps our transportation systems running in order to deliver goods people rely on every day.

Our pipeline systems are well-positioned to deliver outstanding service in some of North America’s key oil and gas plays, delivering crude to Midwest and Gulf Coast refiners. Our goal is to ensure our customer’s products are transported safely and timely through our pipeline systems and doing so in an environmentally responsible way.


Koch Pipeline owns and/or operates pipeline systems in Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin that transport crude oil, refined petroleum products, chemicals and natural gas liquids efficiently, reliably and safely. Many of the pipelines we operate  are owned by Koch Industries subsidiaries Flint Hills Resources and INVISTA.

Our top priority is safety – of our neighbors, employees and the environment. The company’s pipeline control center, located in Wichita, is the hub for remote pipeline control, monitoring and information sharing.

As evidence of its commitment we have received the Distinguished Award for Outstanding Safety and Environmental Performance from the American Petroleum Institute in 2011 and 2012. It is API’s highest award for large pipeline operators. We have also earned API’s Environmental Performance Award for three consecutive years: 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Koch Pipeline believes that being a good operator includes supporting community organizations that work to advance education, enhance the environment and support human services.

Read our fact sheet to learn more about our operations.